April Meeting Notes

Meeting started at 6:30PM and was held in the Community Room at NPS.

Treasury Report: Current Funds $10,310.72 before expenses brought to the meeting and check for Wings of Mercy taken out.

School/Principals Report:

3 Donation request were received from Teacher’s this month.

  1. Tom Murphy submitted a request on behalf of Phy Ed and Coaches for redesigning of the weight room.  With the redesign it would allow the space to be used K – 12 and would allow for more specific fitness training. To complete the redesign different groups will be asked for donations.  – PTO to hold voting meeting on request
  2. Classroom Library Funds request – Jill Martens is verifying the funds left at Barnes n Noble.  PTO may use those funds to fulfill this request.
    1. Will highly recommend to all teachers at the PTO Book Fair next year that teachers have their wish list out and ready.
      1. Will need to get planning this now.  Maybe could be during School Open House at the beginning of the year.
  3.  Recess Equipment: cones, sets of bases ect..  Todd is going to get more information on this one.  This brought up a discussion of organized play type games such as Gaga ball.  What other style games are out there to be looked at?

Other school news:

A new para was hired for MS/HS and they are continuing to assess the needs and hire staff.

MCA testing will be starting soon.  Please check your e-mail for your students schedule.

ACT testing is completed and 15 students completed the testing.

Raider Pride Final Event is in May and they are still looking for a date for the family picnic.

Class Registration is almost complete for High School and Middle School will register in May

Traffic Safety Awareness Day will take place May 2nd.  It will be broken into 3 sessions 7 – 12 in the morning.

Weather Awareness Week is next week and a Tornado Drill will be taking place.

Senior Award Night will be held May 17th

Kindergarten Round up is April 4.

Special Events:

4/15 Title 1 Family Night – 5:30 – 7 : Snack will be at 6 provided by the PTO

4/19 Make Up Snow Day – All Students in class

4/22 Climb Theater

4/24 Career Expo

5/4 Prom

5/10 Make Up Snow Week Pep Fest

Dean’s Report: Discussion on Senior Night was had.  They are pushing to get a note off about RSVP by 4/15.  Recommendation was given to have Seniors Sit on stage vs. the Theater Chairs.  The PTO Scholarship will be awarded by Amy Wills and Jill Martens

Old Business

Wings of Mercy Donation – From the Bake Sale that took place in Feb $274 was raised for the Wings of Mercy Org. with a matching donation from the family $548 is being sent off to Wings of Mercy in honor of Ben Kettner.

Volleyball Concessions – First event of Summer Camps Fundraiser took place with 2 concessions.  Final expense reciepts are coming in but it looks like there was $1000 profit from the event.

Nicollet’s Hope 5k Planning – Planning is behind from previous years.  Additional help is needed.  Quote for shirts has been sent out to two locations.  The two that are chairing the event recommend to move to a color run.  The only event that will take place is the Friendship Days event.  As always this fundraiser is for the PTO and students classes that help.  This year it will be offered to the 7th and 8th grade so they can start building there funds.  Jill Martens will be reaching out to the class advisors and parents to see if they can assist in helping plan and event that day. Josh Chadderdon will assist with doing designs for the shirts.  Next meeting 4/7 @ 7PM at Rapid Ricks all are welcome to join.

Kindergarten Round Up – April 4th – Jill Martens will be attending to invite people to the PTO.

PTO Scholarship for 2019 Seniors at NHS. – Scholarship details were reviewed at the meeting.  Minor changes were needing to be adjusted and will be sent to Sam Cotton.  Group agreed for our first Scholarship we will award two @ $500.00 each.

All Staff Week Planning –  Celebration of all Nicollet Staff, Teachers and School Bus Drivers will becoming up early May.  PTO is working with the Wellness Group for one event but PTO will sponsor two meals.  1 – Breakfast and 1 – lunch all items will be in the Staff lounge.  Amy Wills will start asking for assistance and donation in the coming weeks.

Honors Breakfast will take place for all Middle and High School Students and their parents from 7:30AM – 7:55AM.  This event will be to honor all on A and B honor roll..  Rolls, Coffee and Water will be served.

Bully Night Training: Topic for discussion was held on how to complete the circle on bully training and include parents in on the training.  Todd is going to reach out to other administrators and see how/what they do for this.

Follow Up discussion on Teen Center and Donations – Jill Martens spoke to previous Board Members who were on the board during planning or building of the Teen Center to see what the room was truly intended for.  Found it was suppose to be a room for students taking college courses to do homework and relax on down time.  Reason being is the PTO has been given donations of many things that would be perfect for that room.  With discussion privileges were taken away due to past seniors not keeping it clean and because of bad behavior.  Todd recommended to talk with the new superintendent.

Parent Request of new fencing for the Community Ed/ JV Baseball was given.  Cost estimate was coming in at $1500.00.  It was determined more information was needed such as quotes and bill of materials.  Amy Wills did state that they could maybe get parents to work concessions in order to make money up. It is Amy’s understanding that the Booster Club was not contacted for a donation.  Request did not come to a vote as more information is needed.

Thank you to those that joined the meeting tonight and we hope to see you at a meeting soon.

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