Thank you

There is excitement with the PTO group this year…this year we turn 5 years old!  First off, we need to thank our founding members and all the different board members throughout the years. Each of you helped build our program and we can’t thank you enough.  Secondly, I would like to thank our current board members for their tireless efforts to continue to grow this organization to the level it is today. Next, the members of our community!  You may not know it, but if your child(ren), grandchild(ren) or neighbor’s kid(s) attend NPS, that automatically enrolls you into our PTO. We couldn’t do it without the support and donations from all of you. Last, but certainly not least, the area businesses.  Thank you for the past support to our organization and we look forward to working together on future projects! The Nicollet Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) will continue to bring different family events, fundraisers and support to the Nicollet School and community as long as we have amazing people to support and volunteer with us.

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