BOX TOP$ and PTO Meeting Reminder


Please send in any BOX TOP$ you many have so we can get them in for the fall deadline.  We will be having class competitions in early 2016.

Did you know that each BOX TOP$ is 10 cents each.  That adds up really fast.


REMINDER: PTO MEETING is this coming Monday November 2 @ 6:30 in the Community Center @ NPS.




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Principal’s Updates – School – Family Communication and Safety Drills & Procedures Overview

Each PTO meeting we have a Principal update on different things happening at the school or informing those in attendance of different things.  At the October PTO Member Meeting Principal Jennifer Baumgartner presented different ways the school communicates out to families and also went over safety drills & procedures.  Below is the information that was given out at the meeting.

 Family Communication

Infinite Campus Portal –

  • Communicate daily bulletin, student grades, missing assignments, attendance and lunch accounts
  • Parents and students each need their own log in to access
  • Can be accessed by computer or phone
  • Talk to Bonnie Giefer to set up   ([email protected]   507-232-3411 ext 3109)

Infinite Campus Messenger-

  • Emails sent to a group of parents ranging from a class to the K-12 population
  • Need current email on file for each member of the family
  • Can update through Portal Login

Honeywell Instant Alert –

  • Everyone is put into the system upon enrolling in the district
  • Default is the home phone or primary contact cell phone if no home phone
  • Register through Honeywell site to manage your contacts, type of message received, and what kind of messages you want
  • Can have multiple contacts
  • Can receive voice message, email or text message per contact
  • Types of messages:   General  (information)  Activities (updates and reminders) School Closing, High Importance, and Transportation
  • Registration information found on the NPS website under “Parent Links”

Facebook –

  • Reminders of Events, school closing, etc.    Nicollet Public School   “Like” to follow

Website Home Page –

  • Reminders of Events, school closing, on front of Home page

Twitter –

  • Reminders of Events, school closing, etc.
  •  @Nicollet_PS

Suggestions for the Website or Facebook page?   Email  [email protected] and [email protected]

Safety Drills and Procedures – An Overview

FIRE        Communicated by:  Alarm

Reason for use:    Fires, chemical spill, other need to evacuate the building quickly and efficiently except a bomb threat.

  • Evacuate the building
  • 5 drills required per school year

SEVERE WEATHER        Communicated by: Intercom

Reason for use:    Severe weather, especially tornado activity.

  • Move everyone in the building to the safest place possible for shelter.  (mason walls, no windows, etc)
  • 1 drill required per school year.

CODE YELLOW “MODIFIED LOCKDOWN”        Communicated by: Intercom

Reason for use:    Medical emergency in the building that needs attention and clear hallways / lockdown needed to check premise for a variety of reasons / threat identified outside of the building / need to keep everyone in place

  • 5 total lockdown drills required per school year.

CODE RED “FULL LOCKDOWN”        Communicated by: Intercom

Reason for use:    Identified threat inside the building

  • 911 response required
  • Full crisis plan in place including communication to families in a timely manner once safely able.
  • 5 total lockdown drills required per school year  (between modified and full)

BOMB            Communicated by: Intercom

Reason for use:    Credible threat of a bomb or similar threat in the building.

  • Evacuate the building
  • 911 response required

Communication Regarding Lockdowns and Evacuations:

  • If there is a real lockdown for identified / verified threat, parents will be briefed by the best method for the situation.   This may be for a small number of parents, a specific group or school wide.  We have an obligation to be transparent whenever possible, protect confidentiality, and help parents process with their students as well as feel safe.   What I can assure you is that if your child is endangered, you will be contacted.

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Family Reading Night – Pre-K to 4th Grade

UPDATE: Family Reading Night was a success on October 15th.  Here is one of the group photos we got through out the night.  Different activities ranged from story time, word games, coloring a fall book mark and more.  We look forward to bringing the community together on more family activities.  For more pictures from the event check out the Facebook page.


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Welcome to the Nicollet PTO Website!

Welcome to the Nicollet PTO Website!

Fall is here and school has started… Something very exciting is taking place right in our own community, a partnership is being developed with the school called Parent/Teacher Organization (PTO). This program will support all ages at Nicollet Public School Pre-K – 12th grade.

We are excited about involving the parents, teachers and the community into the school and starting the tradition of supporting events that bring school and families together.

To keep you informed we would like to invite you to attend the monthly meets we are scheduling which will be held on the 1st Monday of each monthly @ 6:30pm (Meeting time was approved to move at October Meeting). At the meetings we look to discuss recent issues, provide new information on upcoming events and fundraisers and bring everyone up to speed on the current programs and financials as well as hearing about your concerns, needs and goals. With this being our first year we will have a lot more informational meetings as we discuss what we need/want to accomplish and look forward to your input. We are looking to have childcare provided during the meetings to make it easier for families to join us.

We encourage frequent and open communication. We have developed a Facebook page and have a link out on the schools website ( ) These communication avenues will allow us to inform you of upcoming events, meetings/notes, agendas as well as a route for others to add comments and suggestions. By using these options we are trying to keep things “green” to conserve on paper, ink, time and energy!

PTO has two main goals: One being to bring the community and school together and our second goal is to start to fund NPS education programs/activities and extracurricular programs to make it the best place for the students, staff and community.

We all know that in order for a PTO to survive we need volunteers. We are going to be promoting the 2 Hour Power program with PTO. We’d love your 2 Hours, and –Really! We promise! – There’s no obligation beyond helping out in this small, but important way. If you’d like to do more – great, but we know that’s not a fit for everyone. Be watching for more information on 2 Hour Power volunteering opportunities.

Be sure to spread the word as we know these efforts will go a further with the help from parents and community members as well. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] or look us up on Facebook: Nicollet Public School PTO.