November 7th Quick Meeting Notes

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Meeting – November Agenda
Meeting called to order: November 7 @ 6:30 p.m.
Welcome and call to order was completed and a reminder of where to find information for the PTO was given which is below:
PTO Website –
Check it out you can have it update your calendar on your computer, smartphone or tablet.
Freshly updated today.
Facebook Page – Nicollet Public School PTO
Become a member and see files are saved on here for future reference.
School Website also links out to the PTO Website and they will also post information of upcoming events on their page
Treasurer’s Report – Cristy Macias reported we are over $17,000 at this point. Next month we should have all the purchases and expenses pushed through the account.
Past News:
Homecoming Activities – Donation was given to Community Ed and we heard it was well received by many families and kids.
Softener Salt Fundraiser Update – Salt sales went over well. There is still approx. 50 bags of crystals for $5.00 bag. If you would like some please contact Amy Voss-Wills or e-mail [email protected]
Collectibles Update – Contest for Daycare – 12 grade is starting soon. More information to come. Will end before holiday break. Please mark which grade you want to get credit for the collectibles you send in. Summer collectibles have been cut and cleaned up and sent. For Box Tops a $150.00 check should be coming soon. * Please when collecting milk caps wash them and let dry as the smell is very over taking if not done.
Fall Conference Meals – Update on Sr. High Meal – Sr. High Staff sent many notes of Thanks to the PTO and parents that supported the meal at school. Shout out to all parents and community members that help with this activity.
Donations from Verizon Call Center – Jill and Ken went over the list of items donated to the PTO. Next steps of getting donations to the school will be worked on in the next couple of weeks.
Teen Center Ideas – Ken Bosley will be setting up a side meeting to continue discussions and ideas for the sub team to meet.
Principal School Update: Jill reviewed Todd’s notes since he was not available to attend. Todd will be sharing his notes at next weeks School Board meeting as well.
Teacher Request: There was NO teacher or student request at this meeting.
New Items:
PTO Daycare Fundraising – Heather Anthony has been leading a fundraiser for the NPS Daycare at the Nicollet Roll-ins the past two summers. She reported that an estimated $1100 was made. At this time we asked if any request to use the funds are needed and she was hoping to check at the parent meeting but the meeting was postponed due to illness. Heather also is going to see if some other parent would like to take the lead on doing this fundraiser from a daycare prospective. She will keep us posted but either way the PTO will keep the spot for the Roll-ins
Fall Conference Meals – Elementary – Amy Wills will be sending out a message for assistance to have food for the Elementary Conferences. Elementary Conferences are next week the 15th and 16th.
Fundraising Updates:
Give to the Max Day – November 15th – Information will be posted on Facebook to promote. Money received will be set aside for student scholarship fund.
Book Fair at school – We are going to take a step back and look at all options for this. Looking at maybe a time we could do the book fair with some sort of community event to get more of a push in sales.
Book Fair at B & N – Jill has asked B & N if there are any book fair dates open at the Mankato location. Will report back what she has. At this time we still do have approx. $300 in funds at B & N.
Nicollet Hope 5k (June 15, 2019) – Friendship Days is June 13 – 15. Looking for volunteers to assist with planning and day of activities. Some thoughts that need to be reviewed is a glow run vs. a morning run. If interested in assisting please contact Jill Martens
South Gym Concessions Stand for Jr. High Games – This idea came up when we first started the PTO but has resurfaced as the request has come up by other parents. Jill reached out to the Booster club to see if they wanted to do something like that and Lisa Fischer came back and said they have enough that if the PTO wanted to consider doing this we sure can. A small team will meet to come up with ideas and how to man the area for the games to see if this is something the PTO will take on.
Raider Pride PTO Fundraiser – More information will be coming out but the PTO will be doing a Duct tape the Principal to the wall fundraiser. We are hoping we can have the event take place during snow week or around that time.
Student/Family Activities Updates:
Honors Breakfast for A/B Honor Roll Kids and their parents – It was approved to move forward. Jill Martens will discuss with Todd T. and will get a plan in motion to move forward. On the Elementary side we will change up the theme a little bit to be more like: Rolls with my Hero (Dad, Grandpa, Neighbor), Rolls with my Heroine (Dad, Grandpa, Neighbor) Rolls with my Grandparents/Special Friend
Family Holiday Movie Jill Martens setting up a meeting to discuss to figure out if this something we can still fit in.
Raider Spirit Event – The PTO decided to sponsor an event that is for Parents and Students. The PTO will supply the Paint/Markers and Paper and to make Posters and Banners that will be used through out the Winter season to promote school spirit in the gyms and hallways. Watch Facebook for an upcoming day.
Pizza Bingo – Looking to do this in the spring. This event is NOT to be confused with the Back Pack events at the legion. Watch for more details.
Nicollet’s Hope Night – Winter Event – Looking to change up what was done previously this is still in the early planning stages but doing a bake sale and asking for donations to support places our local members have used while in need this past year. Still waiting for some confirmations before we can say to many details.
Misc Projects:
Staff Lounge Updates – a sub team has been put together to look at options to updating the staff lounge to make it more inviting and clean. If interested on being on the team let Jill Martens know.
Assemblies for students all ages – If there are any assemblies you hear about from other schools that would be great to bring to Nicollet please e-mail information to [email protected]
PTO Scholarship Program kick off – A sub team is starting to form to bring this idea into action. If you are a parent, student, community member that would like to help kick this off please reach out to Jill Martens
Meeting adjourned @ 8:00p.m.

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PTO Meeting Tonight – November 7th

Join us tonight for the Nicollet PTO Meeting at 6:30 in the NPS Community Center.